Our Mission

Existing security solutions track privileged accounts or changes performed to Active Directory. These solutions, however, are not able to mitigate attacks targeting the Active Directory (e.g. PtH/PtT attacks). Other cyber-security solutions take a global approach to detect anomalies in the whole network and cannot provide the complete picture of an attack against Directory Services.

As recognized experts in Microsoft’s technologies with intimate knowledge of Active Directory, Aorato’s founders challenged themselves to fill this blind spot. Aorato realized that addressing the problem requires learning the behavior and context of entities (users, devices, servers, etc.) within the network. Combining the team’s expertise in cyber-security, architecture, networks and development, together with today’s technological advancements, their work produced a unique and registered patented solution.

Aorato is now a strongly backed startup, constantly developing solutions to deliver the most advanced and relevant product to their customers, large and small alike.