Advisory Board

We’re honored to have these advisors guide and mentor us in our journey to success.

Prof. Gil David

Prof. Gil David brings to Aorato over 17 years of governmental, industrial and academic experience in the data analysis and cyber security fields, both in Israel and the USA. In addition to his activities with the company, he consults to and collaborates with top academic, military and intelligence partners in Israel, USA and Europe. Prof. David holds a PhD from Tel Aviv University in Computer Science, with specializations in data mining, machine learning and anomaly detection in networks.


Gil Kirkpatrick

Gil Kirpatrick is the CTO of ViewDS, an identity solutions provider. Gil has founded and chaired The Experts Conference, the premier conference for Microsoft identity and access technologies. Gil has also written the book Active Directory Programming – the first book on Microsoft’s Active Directory for programmers. In the past, Gil served as the Chief Architect of Quest Software (now part of Dell), and held various executive engineering roles at NetPro, Trellis and High Technology Systems.


Harry Sverdlove

Harry Sverdlove is the CTO for Bit9. Prior to joining Bit9 Harry was principal research scientist for McAfee, Inc., where he supervised the overall architecture of crawlers, spam detectors and link analyzers. He joined McAfee through its 2006 acquisition of SiteAdvisor Inc., where he was chief scientist and developed systems for testing, detecting and analyzing any Windows-based application. Harry earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Neil W. Book

Neil Book serves as the President & CEO of Jet Support Services, the world’s largest provider of hourly cost maintenance programs for business jets. Previously, Neil was VP at Juniper Networks, leading their mobile security business unit. Neil joined Juniper through the acquisition of SMobile Systems, where Neil served as President & CEO.  Neil began his career at AT&T, serving in a variety of management positions.  He is a graduate of the University of Delaware.