Protect Active Directory and your organization from advanced attacks

Active Directory is a prime target for advanced attacks



Malware impersonates an employee 
by stealing credentials.

Attacks include:

  • Pass-the-Hash (PtH)
  • Pass-the-Ticket (PtT)

Solutions that track only privileged 
accounts are not enough as today’s 
attackers also compromise 
non-privileged accounts.

Attacks target Active Directory – whether directly or indirectly

A targeted attack directly accesses a 
file share, which behind the scenes,
authenticates via Active Directory.

Cyber-security solutions that take a 
global approach to detect anomalies in 
the whole network cannot provide the 
complete picture of an attack against the 
Directory Services.

Your entire organization is connected to and depends on Active Directory

A compromised employee’s mobile 
device exposes the organization, 
through Active Directory, to identity 
theft and information disclosure. 

Monitoring and auditing solutions (such 
as tracking changes) of Active Directory 
cannot correlate information between 
entity behavior and information residing 
in Active Directory.

Aorato protects your organization and Active Directory
by automatically learning, profiling and predicting entity behavior.

In a compromised environment,
an attacker bypasses all security solutions by impersonating a legitimate entity (user, device, etc.).

The thing is, the entity’s behavior will change.

Aorato is there to detect this suspicious behavior.

  • No configuration 
  • No network impact 
  • Non-intrusive
  • Transparent to Active Directory
  • No speciailzed personnel 
  • No signatures, no rules, no thresholds